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United Nations

2019 Operations Support & Logistics (OSL) and Management & Administration (MGA) Operating Model Design Desk Based
2019 World Health Emergencies (WHE) Briefing, Deployment and DOC Consultation Desk Based
2019 Standard Operating Procedures for WHO World Health Emergencies (WHE) Operations Support & Logistics Desk Based, Switzerland, Senegal  View Project
2018 Learning Strategies & Competencies Framework Phase II Desk Based & Switzerland View Project
2017 – 2018 Learning Strategies & Competencies Framework Phase I Desk Based & Switzerland
2017 Standard Operating Procedures Briefing and Training for Operations Officers South Africa  View Project


 2017 – 2018  Real Time Evaluation of Drought Operations Kenya View Project
 2017  Enhancement of School-Based DRR Monitoring Capacity  Uzbekistan View Project
2014 UNICEF Supply Emergency Response Evaluation Denmark and USA View Project
 2013 Somalia Supply Chain Assessment Somalia  View Project
2009-2010 Karamoja Health Supply Chain Study and Evaluation Uganda  View Project


2015 Post Earthquake Debris Management and Demolition Program Nepal View Project
2015 Assessment of UNDP Nepal Debris Management Program Nepal
2013-2014 Final Evaluation of Enhancing Resilience to Reduce Vulnerability in the Caribbean Caribbean States  View Project
2012 Cash Transfer Project Review Haiti


2011 Evaluation of the Sudan-Darfur Non-Food Items (NFI) Common Pipeline (CP) Sudan  View Project
2010 Mentor Development Training Italy  View Project
2009-2010 Logistics Technical Training Strategy and Design Global  View Project
2009 Interactive Service Mindset Training US  View Project


2011-2012 IASC Real Time Evaluation for the Horn of Africa Crisis Kenya Kenya  View Project
2010 Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) Training Design and Facilitation Panama and Peru
ocha_logo11 2008 TRIPLEX Facilitation & Management Contribution Finland
ocha_logo11 2008 Design & Facilitation of Shelter Coordination Workshop Switzerland


2017-2018 Review of UNHCR’s Regional Centre for Emergency Preparedness, eCentre Bangkok & Istanbul  View Project

The World Bank

2010 Gulf Corporation Council Disaster Center Strategy Development USA View Project

EU/Conseil Santé of France

2013 Evaluation of the ACP-EU Natural Disaster Facility Multiple ACP Countries (Africa, Caribbean, & Pacific)  View Project

ADPC/Saudi Red Crescent Authority

2015 Strategy for the Saudi Red Crescent Authority Humanitarian Emergency Aid and Response Team (Heart) Saudi Arabia View Project

Kenyan Government

2009 National Disaster Management Policy Review Kenya  View Project

Swedish Government

sida-logo Ongoing  Sida Helpdesk  Desk-Based  View Project
sida-logo 2016 Evaluation of Praktisk Solidaritet’s Humanitarian Intervention in Refugee Camps Western Algeria
sida-logo 2016 Evaluation of Sida’s Humanitarian Assistance DRC & Syria
sida-logo 2009-2011 Design & Facilitation of Humanitarian Response and Coordination Training Sweden View Project

United States Government

2016- 2020 USAID/OFDA Field Security Training – Design and Facilitation USA
2016 USAID/OFDA Field Security ‘Beta’ Training – Design and Facilitation USA View Project
 2015 USAID/OFDA Field Security Training Pilot – Design and Facilitation USA
2012-2013 Monitoring & Evaluation Strategy and Implementation United States, Ethiopia, Colombia & Dominican Republic


2014 Emergency Operations Center & Disaster Relief Warehousing Training Global View Project

Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Cycle Management (PCM)

Design and Training

Saudi Arabia View Project

Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement

 2019  IFRC Movement Coordination Workshop Simulation  Togo View Project
 2017  BeNeLux Relief ERU Training  Belgium View Project
2014-2015 Slow Onset Scenarios Review and Evaluation Kenya, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Cameroon
2014 Review of the Earthquake Preparedness Agenda for the Kathmandu Valley Nepal View Project
2014 Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Real Time Evaluation Philippines View Project
Emblem_of_the_IFRC.svg 2013 Southern Africa Region National Societies Disaster Preparedness Review Southern Africa
2010-2013 Emergency Relief Unit Response Training Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
2011 Tunisia Crisis Field Assessment and Coordination Team (FACT) Leadership Tunisia  View Project
2011 Horn of Africa Operations Management Horn of Africa  View Project
2011 Asia Pacific Zone Disaster Response Capacity Evaluation India, Philippines, Kuala Lumpur
2010 East Africa Zone National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) Training Curriculum Development East Africa Region
2010 Haiti Relief Operations Management Haiti  View Project
2009-2010 East Africa Zone Regional Disaster Response Team (RDRT) Capacity Mapping Project Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda Djibouti & Somalia
2008-2010 Redesign and Facilitation of BeNeLux Relief ERU Training Course Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
2009 Indonesia Earthquake Logistics and Supply Chain Support Indonesia
2009 Evaluation of Post Cyclone Nargis Relief Items Delivery to Myanmar Myanmar and Kuala Lumpur
2008- 2009 IFRC Disaster Services Improvement Project Switzerland  View Project
2008-2009 Horn of Africa Food Security Logistics Response Assessment and Plan Horn of Africa
2008 Field Assessment & Coordination Team (FACT) and Team Leader Training Italy
2008 Redesign of Relief ERU Training Course US


2018 – 2019  Underserved Populations Thematic Working Group Lead – NAHRI United States View Project
2018 – 2019 North American Humanitarian Response Initiative (NAHRI) United States View Project
2018 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), International Disaster Response United States View Project
2017- 2018 North American Humanitarian Response Summit (NAHRS) United States View Project
2013 International Disaster Response and Readiness Strategy & Implementation Plan United States View Project
 2010 Relief ERU Training Facilitation Haiti  View Project


2018 Swedish Red Cross – Bangladesh Solid Waste Management Feasibility Study and Project Proposal Bangladesh View Project


2011 Haiti Shelter Program Mid-Term Review Haiti  View Project
2009 Health Emergency Response Unit Evaluation Canada View Project


2018 Humanitarian Field Security Training Virginia, USA  View Project


2017  Design and Delivery of Training for Emergency Roster  Thailand  View Project
2017 Emergency Roster Deployment Team Training Bangkok
2010-2011 Disaster Communication Training Package for the West Africa Regional Office West Africa View Project


2016 Strategy Learning Review – Humanitarian Response (2011 – 2015) Desk Based  View Project


2017 – 2018 Evaluation of Response to Syria Sub-Regional Crisis Jordan  View Project
2016 Rapid Response Team (RRT) Review Desk Based  View Project
2016 Syria Cross Border Program Review Turkey
2016 Emergency Response Advisory Committee (ERAC) Review Desk Based
2014 Syria Regional Response Evaluation  Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan (Syria Regional Analysis)
2014 Technical Sector Review Desk Based
2013 Peer Agency Review of Emergency Roster Financing Canada View Project


project-hope-logo 2018 Vector-Borne Disease Management & Response Training Content USA  View Project
project-hope-logo 2016 Hurricane Matthew Response Haiti  View Project
project-hope-logo 2016 Humanitarian Strategy & Gap Analysis USA
project-hope-logo 2016 Strategic Planning Workshop USA


2013 Emergency Capacity Building Project Phase II Evaluation Desk Based View Project
2010-2011 Final Evaluation of CRS’ Project Saving Lives, Protecting Livelihoods: Transforming CRS Emergency Programs Lebanon, India & USA View Project


2013 Syria Crisis Humanitarian Preparedness and Response Standard Operating Procedures & Guidelines Desk Based  View Project


2012 South Sudan Programme Support Services South Sudan  View Project


2011 Strategy for Protecting and Building Capacities During Humanitarian Crises Honduras, Nicaragua  View Project
2009 Gaza Evaluation Palestinian Occupied Territories and Israel


2018 Training Design & Delivery for CIMA DRR Subject Expert Training Teams Italy  View Project


2017 Strategy Learning Review – Humanitarian Response (2011 – 2015) Desk Based  View Project


2018 Humanitarian Field Training as Component of Strategic Leadership in Disaster and Conflict Class United States  View Project

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