Haiti 2010

Background:  GEG staff have been involved in the creation and development of IFRC Relief ERUs since their inception. The consistent training of staff for field deployments is an ongoing requirement for the American Red Cross (ARC) who provide Relief ERUs to IFRC operations. GEG had previously worked with ARC on the design of its Relief ERU training.

Requirement: The American Red Cross sought to take advantage of the ongoing response operation in Haiti to host a training for their Relief Emergency Response Unit roster and others from IFRC, Haitian, Canadian, Danish, Spanish and French national societies. The challenges were to conduct a field training without negatively impacting the ongoing response, the transfer of “live knowledge” and the need for the simulation to be customized to the Haitian context.

 GEG Contribution: On site in Haiti, GEG worked with the American Red Cross to design and facilitate their specialized relief Emergency Response Unit (ERU) training.  This ‘first of its kind training’ was unique because participants were on the site of an actual disaster response, providing an invaluable reality-based experience.  The customized training curriculum was based on previous work completed by GEG with the American Red Cross and further adapted to the Haitian context.  A mix of highly interactive field and classroom based exercises focused on key learning areas including assessments, beneficiary selection, logistics interface, shelter, distribution management and coordination within a complex humanitarian context. GEG worked closely with client counterparts and external partners to ensure a consultative process at all stages of the process. This training had a substantial impact on participants, increasing their knowledge, understanding and readiness for future emergency response deployments.

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