Global 2013

Background: The Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB) is a cooperative undertaking of the Inter-Agency Working Group (IWG68) with the primary aim of improving the speed, quality and effectiveness of the humanitarian community. The project is based upon an external study requested by the IWG in 2003 that identified four key areas where collaboration could significantly improve the quality of collective humanitarian actions. Using this rationale and with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Microsoft Corporation, a two-year project was launched in March 2005 (Phase I). At the end of this project period, an external evaluation concluded that a further 5 year programme period was necessary to take forward the positive progress made in the first phase of the ECB project (Phase II).

Requirement: An independent, rigorous performance evaluation of the ECB project – Phase II.

GEG Contribution: GEG conducted the final evaluation of Catholic Relief Services Phase II of the Emergency Capacity Building Project. This evaluation utilized a mixed methods approach (primarily secondary data review, survey and key informant interviews) to measure the performance of the ECB project over a five-year period. (Evaluation project funded through CRS with guidance and support provided by WorldVision and other ECB principal agencies)

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