Haiti 2010

GEG seconded a field-based Head of Operations Coordinator to Canadian Red Cross in support of IFRC emergency relief and early recovery activities responding to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

“After the Indian Ocean Tsunami the humanitarian world believed they had faced the most complex natural disaster in living memory – Haiti proved that to be short lived!!”  Iain Logan, deployed by GEG as IFRC Head of Operations Coordinator

Background: Very low national disaster response capacity aggravated by election and civil uncertainty necessitated a major international humanitarian response following the 2010 eathquake. The relief effort was complicated by massive infrastructural damage, difficult early access to the airport and the concerns of the impending heavy rain season for the exposed displaced population. This was exacerbated by widespread poverty, frequent insecurity, devastated infrastructure and lack of political decision-making capacity.

Requirement: An experienced, highly-qualified professional response manager with both country and regional disaster management knowledge, language ability and technical skills to manage multi-agency Red Cross operations, inter-agency coordination and to begin transition to early recovery programme.

GEG Contribution: Provided an experienced operations manager who had established and led the Pan American Disaster Response Unit for the IFRC (the regional disaster response system designed to meet the demands of exactly this kind of major event). The Head of Operations (HeOPs) provided knowledge, management and mentoring of staff on the ground, honed through years of experience in managing and prioritising in emergency situations.


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