Horn of Africa 2011

GEG deployment of field Operations Manager in support of IFRC relief activities for the Horn of Africa

Background: Severe drought between July 2011 and mid-2012 caused a food crisis across Somalia resulting in a declared famine in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. The situation was aggravated by conflict, inter-tribal unrest and tensions within Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia and Eritrea. This led to complex mass exodus of the internally displaced and refugees in the region, including internal displacement inside Ethiopia.

Requirement:  An experienced Head of Operations with extensive knowledge of the Horn of Africa and, specifically, the Ethiopia operational context for immediate deployment to help support the Ethiopian National Society shortage of capacity to absorb the level of assistance required.

GEG Contribution: GEG Operations Manager ran assessments and delivered the emergency program including coordination and setup of IFRC/ERCS operations in Eastern Ethiopia (drought/refugees) and West (refugees) border transit and refugee camp and staffing operations. Logistics plan established (design, implementation and transition) and significant new funding secured from major donors.

“The power of the media to both inform but distract was manifest in the frenzy of media coverage of the crisis situation in Somalia and the Dadaab Camp, that left the wrong impression the famine there stalked the whole of the Horn. Drought yes, famine no. This emphasised the need for accurate and realistic targeted field assessments to determine the actual scope and needs” Iain Logan, deployed by GEG as Head of Operations

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