GEG contracted to conduct the design and delivery of the 5 day ODFA/MacFadden Security Field Training course for USAID

Security in Humanitarian Operations (SHOP) Training 2015 USA

Background: OFDA frequently deploys officers into high risk contexts caused by natural disasters and complex emergencies, where they often operate in highly insecure environments responding to humanitarian needs. Increasing risk of exposure to physical. psychological, cultural and gender dynamics requires well-prepared staff.

Requirement: A five-day course on Field Security Training combining classroom sessions and practical field exercises.

GEG Contribution: Provides an international multi-skilled team with extensive humanitarian and security experience at both field and HQ level, who design, manage and facilitate a 5-day simulation exercise addressing the practical skills required in high-risk contexts. Participants learn security protocols and procedures through hands-on experience.

Through a 5-day simulation exercise, the course covers:

  • Off-road driving and recovery techniques
  • Checkpoint negotiation
  • Landmine identification and improvised explosive device (IED) identification
  • Dealing with aggression/defusing tension
  • Cultural awareness
  • Safety and security in internally-displaced persons (IDP)/Refugee camps and Humanitarian distributions
  • Emergency first aid appropriate to humanitarian field setting
  • Field Training Exercise (FTX): incorporating skills learned throughout the week
  • Crisis response and management

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