Desk-Based, Ongoing

GEG Supports sida in delivering ad-hoc evaluations, reviews and Analyses through the sida helpdesk

Background: The Helpdesk provides a team of Expert Advisors on Human Security and Humanitarian Assistance to the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). Through short-term assignments, the Helpdesk provides portfolio analyses, reviews, mappings and compilations of results. It is comprised of consortium partners, managed by Saferworld.

Requirement: Experienced humanitarian experts to provide support in completing Sida tasks as part of the Saferworld consortium.

GEG Contribution: As part of the consortium, managed by Saferworld, GEG provides qualified humanitarian professionals to complete projects on an ad-hoc basis based on Helpdesk requirements and requests. To date, GEG team members have completed 13 projects as part of the wider Sida Helpdesk consortium group.

Sida Helpdesk Tasks To-Date: 

  • The Nexus between Climate Change/Environment and Conflict Background Paper, July 2016 – December 2016
  • Review of UNDP Preventing and Responding to Violent Extremism in Africa Programme Documents, July 2016 – December 2016
  • Conflict Sensitivity and Humanitarian Action background Paper, July 2016 – December 2016
  • Contributing to input to new humanitarian strategy for Sida, July 2016 – December 2016
  • Mapping of Key Global Fora to increase Synergies between Humanitarian and Development efforts at Field Level, September 2016 – December 2016
  • Presentation to Sida Board on humanitarian-development synergies, September 2016 – December 2016
  • Analysis of Humanitarian Results 2015, September 2016 – April 2017
  • Grand Bargain Flexible Funding Comments, April 2017 – July 2017
  • Mapping of Global Health Actors, April 2017 – July 2017
  • Mapping Child Protection and Analysis, September 2017 – December 2017
  • Preliminary Overview of Response Analysis and Selection of Most Appropriate Aid Modality among Sida Humanitarian Strategic Partners, January 2018 – April 2018

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