Italy 2009

“It was really great to see how the experienced “old dog” mentors gained the confidence, trust and respect of the younger mentees, and at the same time recognised, accepted and embraced the wealth of ideas and knowledge the next generation will bring to the work they aspire to one day take the lead.” Iain Logan, Lead Training Expert

Background: WFP ICT wanted to increase their long term internal preparedness capacity for emergency response. They sought to proactively identify and develop the next generation of senior managers and develop future leadership capacity through the institution of a mentoring programme.

Requirement: A consultancy that could provide a structure, framework and programme to formalize mentoring and develop mentoring skills for WFP ICT.

GEG Contribution:  A multi-functioning four-person GEG team designed a training program using a creative approach to engage participants, teaching them while simultaneously securing their support for the concept of mentoring.

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