Kenya 2009

GEG engaged by World Vision Kenya and the Government of Kenya to finalize work on the Kenyan National Disaster Management Policy

Background: The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Government of Kenya (GoK) sought a team of consultants to take forward work to “Develop a National Disaster Management Strategy for Kenya” in order to build capacity for risk reduction and disaster management in Kenya  through strengthening the National Disaster Management Policy. Years of drafting had resulted in a weak policy containing strategy and practical elements but with little policy guidance and ill-defined institutions.

Requirement: A clearly written and designed National Disaster Management Policy (NDMP) reinforced by a National Strategic Plan for Disaster Management (SPDM) in Kenya.

GEG Contribution:  Provided expert consultants with multiple skill sets and specific understanding and operational knowledge of the Kenya DRM/DRR arena, experience in disaster and emergency management, strategic planning, facilitation, writing and risk based decision-making. Consultancy involved research and comparative analysis of international standards, lessons learned through ten national policies & systems, formulation of clearly defined policy with clear consensus of stakeholders. Process involved GEG reviewing policies in 10 countries similar in risk, size and organization to Kenya.  Initial Policy was then revised with recommendations for improvement and clarification and the result presented to National Platform for DRR and the Minister of State Special Programmes. The project resulted in a clear policy to institutionalize DM/DRR in Kenya, exceeding expectations with a timely completion of deliverables.

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