Welcome to Margaret Bacon

UPDATE – June 2016
Welcome to Margaret Bacon, who has joined GEG as Associate, Client Development. Margaret interned with GEG in the summer of 2015 as […]

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OFDA/MacFadden Security Field Training Course

UPDATE – May 2016
GEG was contracted to conduct to deliver the 2nd iteration, or beta version, of the OFDA/MacFadden Security Field Training course. This course […]

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Internal Review of the CARE Emergency Response Advisory Committee (ERAC)

UPDATE – May 2016
CARE International contracted Global Emergency Group (GEG) to conduct an internal review of the CARE Emergency Response Advisory Committee (ERAC) mechanism from […]

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ActionAid International Contract

UPDATE – May 2016
ActionAid International contracted a four-person GEG team to conduct a comprehensive Strategic Learning Review of their past humanitarian responses (2011 to 2015). […]

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Project HOPE Contract

UPDATE – May 2016
Project HOPE contracted a two-person GEG team to design and facilitate a Strategic Planning Workshop for their Humanitarian Response Team and Senior […]

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CARE Contract

CARE contracted a four-person GEG team to conduct an internal evaluation of their Rapid Response Team (RRT) mechanism from May –July 2016. The purpose of […]

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Evaluation of Sida’s Humanitarian Assistance

UPDATE – April 2016
GEG partnered with InDevelop to deliver an evaluation of Sida’s global Humanitarian Strategy. GEG provided humanitarian sector expertise on a four-person evaluation […]

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UNDP & Microsoft Aid Disaster Recovery in Nepal

UPDATE – October 30th, 2015
Check out GEG’s Debris Management Expert, Dan Strode, in partnership with UNDP and Microsoft for the earthquake response in Nepal!

Check […]

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ODFA/MacFadden Security Field Training Course for USAID

UPDATE – July 2015
GEG was contracted to conduct the design and delivery of the ODFA/MacFadden Security Field Training course for USAID. This course involves a […]

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NEPAL – Rising from the Ruins

Why Debris Management in Nepal Is Critical to Preventing Further Loss of Life and Injuries

Homes, schools, and health facilities throughout Nepal are in ruin. Nepalese […]

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