Last month, the GEG team was together in Virginia to host a Humanitarian Field Security Training for Trickle Up. The training entailed a 3-day simulation exercise where participants learned field security protocols and procedures through hands on experience. Tailored for employees who will deploy to high risk locations, staff members learned to apply necessary security and safety skills, ensuring they left with a requisite understanding of the skills, abilities and tactics needed to operate safely in challenging operating environments. Key topics included: safety and security, situational awareness, austere medicine, negotiation and risk mitigation.

“GEG’s 3-day course provided invaluable security training to several members of the Trickle Up team, both those who face risk every day during their work in the field as well as senior management that has the responsibility for ensuring that we fulfill our Duty of Care obligations throughout our organization.  GEG trainers were excellent and the curriculum well organized.  As we have security training and advice needs in the future, our first call will be to GEG.” – Bill Abrams, Trickle Up President