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Launched in 2017, Global Emergency Relief, Recovery & Reconstruction (GER) is a sister non-profit 501(c)3 organization to Global Emergency Group (GEG). GER assists crisis-affected persons globally to build back better following disasters through integrated relief, recovery and reconstruction services. GER works with the affected communities to clear the debris left by a disaster, provide temporary facilities and immediately starts the reconstruction process with a particular focus on affected homes, schools and health facilities. GER is committed to using sustainable, culturally appropriate and community led and owned interventions.

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GEG provides GER with targeted consulting support leveraging GEG’s extensive experience working in the humanitarian community to the benefit of GER. This often includes consulting support from the broad range of GEG personnel expertise, access to GEG¹s Surge Network (with a roster of experts in areas such as debris management, shelter, livelihoods, community engagement, project management, M&E) and the sharing of equipment, administrative and financial functions, project management tools and systems. Thus, GER has a dedicated and committed partner in GEG that is always available to support and augment GER’s growing capacity for relief, recovery and reconstruction projects. The result is that from its inception GER has a robust ability to scale-up to meet the demands of each crisis it responds to.