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Launched in 2017, Global Emergency Relief, Recovery & Reconstruction (GER) is a sister non-profit organization to GEG. GER assists crisis-affected persons globally to build back better following disasters through integrated relief, recovery and reconstruction services. GER works with the affected communities to clear disaster debris and begin the reconstruction process, with a focus on affected homes, schools and health facilities.

GEG provides GER with targeted support, leveraging its extensive experience within the humanitarian community. Support includes access to GEG’s Surge Network as well as sharing of equipment, administrative functions, and project management systems. Through GEG, GER has a committed partner dedicated to growing GER’s capacity and helping the organization meet the demands of each crisis it responds to.


As of 2018, GEG is proud to announce that we are now a full member of the Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA).

HLA is a membership association for humanitarian logistics professionals who respond to take relief to and create infrastructure for those affected by global emergencies. Its mission is to build a community of practice for advancing the humanitarian logistics profession through the promotion of cross-organizational collaboration.

GEG has a long track record of success and client satisfaction within the humanitarian logistics space, including operational leadership and external evaluations of logistics projects. To learn more about GEG’s past experience in logistics and other humanitarian projects, please visit Clients and Projects.