Humanitarian Relief & Recovery

GEG support puts those most in need of help at the centre of programme design, ensuring community
engagement and empowerment.

Debris Management

GEG humanitarian and engineering specialists support governments and humanitarian actors during the relief, recovery and reconstruction phases to hasten appropriate interventions and assist in better rebuilding. Specialized GEG debris management teams perform debris assessment, analysis and volume estimates. The GEG team then creates strategic frameworks and systems for unified, centralized debris management, working throughout the program with national authorities and persons directly affected. Using a proven project management platform, GEG debris management services include community engagement, communications and messaging; local procurement and contractor management; monitoring (using RFID for tracking); data collection and reporting; and risk management.



GEG specializes in supporting humanitarian actors in designing, setting up, operating and optimizing the humanitarian supply chain and logistics systems that are critical in ensuring the efficient delivery of goods and services for humanitarian programs. Our supply chain and logistics optimization work may take place prior to a crisis or in preparation for a disaster.



GEG provides expertise in assessing crisis situations, analysing needs and gaps, planning and implementing response assistance. GEG can rapidly deploy (with 24 hours notice) operational support staff (Team Leaders, Project Managers, Administrators, Finance) and technical subject matter experts (Shelter, Health, WASH, Livelihoods, Cash Programming) to assist in the establishment and continued delivery of humanitarian relief and recovery operations. We can establish a field-based GEG Service Center where GEG staff can directly work with our humanitarian partners to identify and support their humanitarian programming. We analyze, problem solve, troubleshoot, and implement solutions.


“In the course of my work with GEG on this project, I have appreciated their focus and professional approach to conducting this evaluation and navigating competing interests and constituencies. GEG consultants provided the required analysis and recommendations to significantly improve our approach to building, managing and deploying this roster of trained medical professionals.”

Jean-Philippe Tizi, Director of Emergencies and Recovery, Canadian Red Cross

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