Humanitarian organizations and their staff must be able to operate safely and securely in a wide range of security contexts without endangering the health or lives of the people they are serving and themselves. Organizations have a duty of care to ensure that all steps are taken at the organizational and individual levels to minimize risks while still delivering effective programming. As a company firmly rooted in the field view of humanitarian action and regularly operating in the same environments, we have an intimate appreciation of the security, safety and well-being challenges that humanitarian staff face in the field. Thus, we are able to bring this very real awareness and global understanding of security issues to all of our security consulting projects.


GEG facilitates tailored security trainings for staff expected to operate in some of the most difficult contexts in the world. Often GEG’s security training builds upon existing organizational processes and capacities already developed by client organizations and tests their staff’s ability to apply security lessons in simulated security contexts. GEG security trainings are tailored to specific organizational requirements so that their staff can immediately apply their learning to operations.

Operational Security Development

Humanitarian and development organizations face a wide range of threats and risks to their operations. GEG consultants are experts in all areas of security ranging from security management to threat and risk assessments, security plan development, site reviews, investigations, training development and support that strengthens operational security systems, processes and capacities.


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