GEG offers expertise in creating or optimizing the organizational strategies, planning processes, systems and structures necessary at the headquarters and field levels for effective humanitarian response and preparedness.

Humanitarian Organizational Development

GEG supports humanitarian agencies to create and optimize a range of humanitarian organizational resources needed for effective and efficient humanitarian services globally. This may include support with permanent human resources, surge rosters, supply chains or financing mechanisms.

Strategic Planning

Humanitarian organizations must constantly evolve to be responsive to changing times and humanitarian contexts. GEG works with our humanitarian clients and partners to ensure that they are as best positioned as possible to meet the needs of today’s beneficiaries in a wide range of humanitarian contexts. GEG specialists and teams support humanitarian agencies with strategic planning exercises and process facilitation that can address many different organizational levels (from the organizational to operational levels). GEG strategic planning merges consulting industry strategic planning best practices with our understanding of the reality that many humanitarian organization face at both the field and headquarters levels.

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