In partnership with Training in Aid, Global Emergency Group designed an African National DRR workshop for CIMA in July, 2018. The CIMA Research Foundation, based at the University of Genoa, Italy Savona campus, was contracted by the UNISDR to lead a research project as part of their “Building Disaster Resilience to Natural Hazards in Sub-Saharan Africa Regions, Countries and Communities Project”. CIMA was tasked to develop Disaster Risk Profiles, specifically for droughts and floods, for 16 Sub-Saharan countries. One key deliverable from this project was to disseminate the results of this research in a DRR workshop to stakeholders in these countries. A number of challenges were identified in assuring well-delivered workshops that would be appropriate to the African audience.  Global Emergency Group and Training in Aid designed this African National DRR workshop platform, and supported the training, coaching and mentoring of selected CIMA Subject Expert Training Teams.

The GEG/Training in Aid support to CIMA included designing the appropriate platform for country level workshops, focusing on a skills-building/coaching process that would enhance the knowledge, skills, and confidence of the Experts Teams going to the field, in order to successfully deliver and transfer scientific data and results.

Our team developed a highly interactive exercise and simulation-based approach to a 5-day training on the Africa National DRR workshop agenda. The team identified suitable training and learning methodologies according to topics and objectives, promoted an active-learning process for participants, and identified a set of training/communicative materials according to the methodologies in practice.

Participants in the Africa workshops will likely include individuals from National Civil Defense and Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Agencies, Ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Natural Resources, Education, and Health as well as Universities and Academia.

CIMA staff and workshop participants deemed the project to be appropriate and of real practical value in preparing them to deliver workshops on complex subjects in high risk African countries.


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